HaoBTC Interest-bearing Multi-function Wallet Service

8 Jun


Here is an interesting Chinese company that apparently just recently started offering support for international customers to its service offering an online Bitcoin wallet with some nice extras. HaoBTC offers users to buy and sell Bitcoins online for CNY (obviously not what most international users would want) and store them in an online wallet and the securely stored coins do get an interest rate of 8.00% annually with interest paid to users hourly. The service allows you to register quickly and easily in order to be able to check it out, it comes with a clean and easy to use interface, though not absolutely everything is apparently translated to English yet. Also there is some more need of explaining some of the features to new users as apparently even the FAQ is still in Chinese only…


The question that arises here is how the Bitcoins you have in your online wallet generate you interest, well apparently the company has a big BTC mining operation, they have posted some photos of their mining hardware as a proof. So essentially it is almost like a cloud mining service, but with less risk and lower profit apparently – 8% annual interest at the moment. The good thing however is that the interest rate is being paid hourly and you can withdraw any Bitcoins you have in the online wallet at any time you need them. So we are going to be checking out the service to see if things are really good as they seem.

To try out the HaoBTC Multi-function Wallet Service with 8% annual Bitcoin interest rate…

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2 Responses to HaoBTC Interest-bearing Multi-function Wallet Service


June 8th, 2015 at 20:04

With Hashnest PACMiC v2 you get around 10% APR, but your coins are returned slowly to you in about 100 days.
With HaoBTC you get 8% but the good thing is that you can withdraw your coins at any time.

Really nice to see there prove of mining.

Zainur Ridha

July 1st, 2016 at 04:00

can i register ?
can you lead me ??

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