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Bitcoin Cloud Services is No Longer Paying Its Users

11 Jun


The cloud mining service Bitcoin Cloud Services has apparently stopped paying to its users a few days ago, the last payment from the service was on June 7th for the earnings from the previous day (public payout address). We have tried contacting the service operators for an explanation on what is going on and have allowed enough time to get a reply, but so far we are yet to receive a response. Bitcoin Cloud Services has been one of our advertisers and our team has personally used the service for about a year without any problems up until now. Our readers have also reported that no new orders are being processed at the moment, though payments still go through apparently as the website of the service is still online and it seems as if everything still runs normally, but it is NOT. So we would advice to stay away from Bitcoin Cloud Services and do not try to purchase anything from the service until things get cleared or the situation resolves. Meanwhile if you are looking for a really good and transparent cloud mining operation you might want to check out Genesis Mining, the cloud mining service we would recommend.

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2 Responses to Bitcoin Cloud Services is No Longer Paying Its Users


June 12th, 2015 at 20:36

I’m never going with a cloud mining company ever again. I read about Hashie here on this site and I’m never making that mistake again.

David Custer

June 17th, 2015 at 02:12

have a 140 Gh contract that they quit paying on June 6th. I believe I may have recovered my initial investment, or just shy of it. I started sending support requests a few days back. I got one reply that they were looking in to my complaint. They haven’t responded to my emails in over 1 week.
Frankly, I am a bit nervous now about my other cloud mining contracts with another company.I have been reinvesting about 95% of my payouts. So far, I have had no complaints with them, but I may need to take payouts for awhile, just out of paranoia.
Frankly, it is sad that human nature seems to be predisposed to take advantage of people at every conceivable opportunity. It makes me wonder how much of an impact these types of scams have on the general public’s perception of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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