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Oh Crop! Free Game For Android with Bitcoin Rewards

18 Jul


We’ve already covered a few games for both Android and iOS mobile devices that award players with BTC in some way and we have just discovered another such game. Oh Crop! by Loud Panda Interactive is a free game for Android-based devices (not available for iOS) with a simple concept where you fly around and try to avoid enemy plants trying to kill you, you can collect in-game coins and power ups that can help you survive longer and even kill enemies. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible and score as higher as possible. Oh Crop! comes with a simple and intuitive gameplay relying on the smartphone or tablet’s accelerometer or a virtual joystick for the movement of your in-game character. It is one of those simple, yet fun and addictive games and the fact that you can get some Bitcoins as a reward makes it even more addictive.


In order to be able to get BTC rewards you need to make it into the Top 15 best scoring players into the Leaderboard, the game apparently has cycles lasting a few days each with new Leaderboard for each. There is a reward that is split among the Top 15 players in each cycle and the higher you score, the bigger your reward will be. AS a reference, the last place in the Leaderboard can have something like 2000 score and gets a reward of about 3.5 mBTC and the top player scored over 12000 points for a reward of about 57 mBTC (1 mBTC is equal to 100000 satoshi or 0.001 BTC). Have in mind that as a novice in the game you will have hard time scoring even a thousand points, so you will need to get into the game in order to get in the Top 15 players in the leaderboard and be able to with some BTC as a reward.

In order to be able to get your Bitcoin reward, if you manage to get one, you will have to setup an account in the game. This is as easy as entering a username and an e-mail address, though the mail address is not required. You also need to type the BTC wallet address to which the rewards need to be sent, the easiest way is to copy and paste it in the respective field in the game otherwise you can easily do a mistake and type it incorrectly if you try to enter it manually. Unfortunately there is no support for a web-based wallet where you can use your email address as an ID for sending you coins or an integrated 2D barcode scanner to easily set your BTC address in the game.

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