Optimized Axiom CPU Miner and Launcher from NiceHash

7 Aug


The Axiom crypto coin is a new altcoin that has generated quite some attention in the last few days with one of the main reasons behind it being the fact that the Axiom algorithm has been added to NiceHash/WestHash. The coin is originally intended to be CPU mined and the latest release of the cpuminer-multi miner from tpruvot has added support for that algorithm, but there is already a more optimized fork available from NiceHash. So if you want to get the most performance of your CPU you might want to download the cpuminer-multi fork from the NiceHash repo on GitHub, there is also a simple and easy NiceHash Axiom CPU Miner Launcher available to simplify the use of the miner that also integrates your profit statistics. So if you are interested in the Axiom mining you might want to check out the optimized cpuminer-multi fork and the launcher, do note that there are mining pools available where you can directly mine Axiom and the coin is already being traded on Bittrex and C-Cex along with a few other smaller altocoin exchanges. Currently the Axiom coin looks like a nice altcoin to mine and sell or to sell your hashrate directly for BTC bringing nice profit for CPU mining, but we’ll have to see how things will work out on the long term, so you might want to be more careful if you want to stack on coins.

To download the latest Windows binaries of the optimized cpuminer and launcher with Axiom algorithm support…

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1 Response to Optimized Axiom CPU Miner and Launcher from NiceHash


September 8th, 2015 at 20:48

Hi, this works great on windows, but I am unable to compile on linux, even after trying my hand at merging the modified files with the latest stock it was forked from.

Any pointers on linux compile, or would you be able to provide a working source?


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