Updated Windows Binary of the ccMiner 1.5.60-git Fork by SP for Maxwell

11 Aug


Yet another new Windows binary release compiled from the latest Git source code of the ccMiner 1.5.60-git SP-MOD fork of the Nvidia GPU miner optimized for the latest Maxwell-based video cards by SP (source). It seems SP has been very active lately with a lot of improvements in performance and some new features getting introduced in his fork of ccMiner. The latest update focuses on the addition of support for the new Lyra2REv2 algorithm from DJM34’s fork as well as some fixes. Do note that only VertCoin (VTC) is currently using the new v2 of the Lyra2RE algorithm and not all of the mining pools have yet updated for the hard fork. The performance that the new Lyra2REv2 has is totally different than the original Lyra2RE algorithm, so instead of about 3000 KHS on the old one we are no up to about 14000 KHS reported by the miner on a GTX 980 Ti GPU (p2pool however only reports about half that hashrate). Do note that the SP-MOD fork of ccMiner is designed for Nvidia Maxwell GPUs such as the already available GTX 750, 750 Ti as well as the newer GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980 and GTX 980 Ti and GTX Titan X. The Windows binary release we have made available here is with support for Compute 5.0 and Compute 5.2 GPUs or with other words only for Maxwell-based cards compiled with CUDA 6.5 and VS2013.

To download the latest ccMiner for Maxwell version 1.5.60-git by SP for Windows OS…

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August 14th, 2015 at 08:56

Run the new lyra2v2 with the –diff 2 parameter to get full hashrate on the pool

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