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Use Ether Wallet To Generate Online and Paper Wallet for Ethereum

17 Aug


This is an interesting and quite useful tool for people willing to generate an Ethereum wallet without having to install an Ethereum client on their computer for the moment. Ether Wallet is a web-based service that is in the form of a client-side tool (no data is being sent to a server) for generating Ethereum wallets, Ethereum paper wallets and even to send transactions over the network. EtherWallet is an open source and written in JavaScript client-side tool, you can download the source code here and run it directly from your own computer if you have some privacy worries about the wallets generated on the website.

You can of course import your Ethereum wallet generated with Ether Wallet, even if you printed a paper wallet, into geth for example with your unencrypted private key that you need to save into a file. All you have to do is to run the geth client with the following command line where instead of keyfile you need to type the file name of the file you have saved your unencrypted private key in:

geth account import keyfile

You will be asked to enter a password in order to encrypt the key when your account is being imported in geth and the password you enter will be needed in order for you to unlock your account for executing transactions in the future. So make sure you remember your password and then do a backup of your Ethereum wallet in geth.

To try out the EtherWallet service and generate an Ethereum wallet including a paper one…

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