Ethereumpool, Yet Another New Mining Pool for Ethereum

19 Aug


There is yet another new mining pool for Ethereum’s Ether (ETH) coins that you can try, this is what seems to be the fourth one we know about and the third alternative to ethpool. Ethereumpool is with very simple web interface for the moment, but the pool itself does seem to be working pretty well and it comes with user control over difficulty, so it is suitable even for low hashrate CPU mining users. Like with other new mining pools for Ethereum this one is also in beta with a pool fee of 3% while the pool is under development, but the fee should be lowered. The payout method is proportional, though for the moment the pool stats does not report the number of shares submitted by the user as well as the total number of shares for the current block being solved. We do recommend you give the pool a try as although the web interface part is simple as we’ve said the pools seems to work really good for the moment, if you are new to pool mining you can try with our Quick Guide on How to Mine Ethereum on Windows to get started with this new pool.

Getting started with Ethereumpool:
ethminer -F -G

The above command line is an example you can use to get started mining with ethminer at Ethereumpool, you just need to replace the wallet address with your own Ethereum wallet and the default hashrate value of 20 (suitable for a single high-end GPU such as Radeon 280X) to the respective hashrate of your mining rig and you are ready to go. The above line is for mining using the OpenCL version of ethminer, for using the CUDA fork you need to replace the parameter -G with -U and you should be ready to go.

To check out the new Ethereum mining pool Ethereumpool (in development stage)…

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