List of Useful Resources for People New to Ethereum

20 Aug


In the last few days things about Ethereum were moving pretty quick and we have posted a lot of information, so we have decided to summarize things to make that information easily accessible to people that are new the Ethereum or are just starting with ETH. Our focus was mostly on the mining and trading Ether (ETH), but there is much more to Ethereum than that, so if you still haven’t looked into it, then you probably should as it is much more than just another altcoin.

Mining Ethereum’s Ether (ETH):
Quick Guide on How to Mine Ethereum on Windows
Quick Guide on Solo GPU Mining Ethereum on Windows
ETH Nanopool, One More New Ethereum Mining Pool
Ethereumpool, Yet Another New Mining Pool for Ethereum
Pooleum, a New Ethereum Pool In Pre-Alpha Phase

Useful information regarding Ethereum:
Ethereum Mining Profitability Calculator
Where You Can Buy and Trade Ethereum’s Ether (ETH) Coins
Track Ethereum (ETH) Prices with Ethereum Wisdom
Blockchain Explorers for the Ethereum Network

Other useful information about Ethereum:
How to Backup Your Ethereum Wallet and the Blockchain
Use Ether Wallet To Generate Online and Paper Wallet for Ethereum

It seems that Ethereum has managed to bring back a lot of GPU mining hardware that was taken offline and has managed to sparkle the interest of miners that were fed up with all the different altcoins. It is good to see that the project is finally moving forward and we are expecting to see a lot of good things in the future as well coming from the decentralized apps built on top of the Ethereum network such as Augur for example.

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2 Responses to List of Useful Resources for People New to Ethereum


August 20th, 2015 at 23:00

Dear, It seems there was a problem with the blockchain of ether? Poloniex is not giving address and Cryptsy either. Do you know something?


August 20th, 2015 at 23:24

There is a new post about the issue with the network earlier today…

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