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Ethereum Still With Little Users, Yet Showing Big Potential

27 Aug


Do you wonder how big is the number of Ethereum users roughly about one month after the official start of the alternative crypto currency? There is an interesting chart over at Etherscan (Ethereum block explorer website) that shows the growth of the number of unique Ethereum addresses (wallets) in the blockchain. Up until now the number of unique addresses are a little over 18 thousand, though the number of actual users is probably higher. This simply means that Ethereum needs to get more user friendly in order to increase its community of users as at the moment it is still quite hard for the average crypto currency user to get started with Ethereum. We have already prepared multiple Ethereum guides to help new people to get started, but there is still need for more work done for an Ethereum client with easy to use GUI, better miners and so on.


And even though that Ethereum is still very new and the actual user base is small and slowly growing, it is already showing a lot of interest and huge potential. Let us take for example just one of the decentralized applications that will be using EThereum’s network – Augur, their crowdsale currently running has already passed the 4 million USD mark in BTC and ETH collected from users. There are already tens of decentralized applications that will be using Ethereum’s network that are currently being developed, so there is a big potential for Ethereum to grow and be widely used. And we are not talking just about the underlying crypto currency called Ether, but about the whole idea of the Ethereum that you can say takes crypto currencies to the next level. But in order for that potential to realize as we have mentioned Ethereum needs to get more user friendly and not stay focused only on programmers or advanced users that are currently a big part of the people using it.

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