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Testing Butterbot, an Automated Bitcoin Trading Bot (day 3)

3 Feb


Now 3 days of testing the automated trading bot Butterbot have passed and in the last 24 hours the bot has done another trade, selling our 0.030 BTC in the BTC-e exchange when the exchange rate BTC/USD started to drop down. As a result our BTC-e account currently holds 25.2104 USD and the bot is waiting for signs for rise in the exchange rate, so that it can purchase BTC again. At this point in time, after the bot making two trades on the BTC-e exchange automatically we can calculate that we have made a few cents profit with the current exchange rate. Meanwhile we have already started to get a hand of the settings and are trying to get better results than with the recommended startup settings we’ve got.


We have also decided to extend the testing on the MtGox exchange as well, so we’ve sent 0.04 BTC in our account there and set the recommended startup trading settings for that exchange to see how things will progress there. So far the bot has not yet executed a single trade on the MtGox exchange. But we are going to see how things will progress on that BTC exchange as well, so stay tuned for more reports on our testing of the Butterbot automated Bitcoin trading bot.

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