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First Open Source Ethereum Mining Pool Released

9 Sep


Etherchain have released an open source implementation of pooled mining for Ethereum. Do note however that this software is not a complete mining pool as it only takes care of work distribution and share validation; valid shares are stored into a local database (LevelDB). Reward calculation and payments are not yet implemented, but it should be possible to integrate this software some of the existing open source mining pools. The current implementation is in Go and it might not be the most effective one, apparently the pool is able to process ~600 workers at 30% CPU utilization (1 core) and 70MB RAM usage. The pool has been tested successfully with both the go Ethereum client (geth) and the cpp Ethereum client (eth) as a backend. And while it may not be a complete implementation with full functionality and web-based interface it is still a good starting point for anyone interested in running a mining pool for Ethereum without having to start from scratch.

For more information about the first open source Ethereum mining pool and the source code…

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