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Scrypt-Jane Support for LEOcoin Added by NiceHash

12 Oct


NiceHash has just announced the availability for buying and selling hashing power based on Scrypt-Jane algorithm for LEOcoin. Since coins based on the Scrypt-Jane algorithm are settings-specific, therefore the service currently only supports mining for LEOcoin crypto-currency using the Scrypt-Jane algorithm. In order to sell hashing power for the LeoCoin ScryptJane algorithm you have to use yacminer or a patched cgminer for AMD GPUs, or standard ccminer for NVIDIA GPUs. It is recommended to use tpruvot’s fork of ccminer as it seems that there might be some trouble with the latest sp-mod fork of ccminer, though you could try using auto tuning to see if it will work for you and with what settings. Currently the hashrate you can expect and the price for LeoCoin on NiceHash does not yet make it the most profitable coin to sell your hashrate for, but it seems that the demand and thus the price is increasing, so you might want to keep an eye on how things are developing.

For more information on the newly added Scrypt-Jane Support for LEOcoin on NiceHash…

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