Official Ethereum GUI Wallet 0.3.2 (Beta 2) Now Available

15 Oct


Finally there is work being done on an official GUI wallet for Ethereum that is curiously hosted in the Ethereum Mist Dapp Browser GitHub repository. Do note that this is a beta release that although functional could have some issues and is some advanced functionality is still not implemented, but the idea in this release is to get user feedback and to find any bugs. This is an official Ethereum GUI wallet that currently works along a Geth client as a backend, but should also be compatible with the Eth as well. The Mac and Windows 64-bit releases come bundled with Geth node and if you are not using it already it will need to synchronize the blockchain at the first start, otherwise it should tap to the already downloaded blockchain (already over 1.7 GB size) and work with any wallets available (backing the keys first is recommended). For other binary releases you would need to have the Geth (or Eth) client already running and then launch the Wallet GUI in order for it to work. Again, since this is a beta software it is best if you try it out on a system where you do not have a working Ethereum client installed in order to avoid any possible issues.

Another interesting development around Ethereum lately is apparently the start of adoption of Stratum support, there is the Stratum-Proxy for Ethereum project supported by Dwarfpool as well as the news that EthPool is working on a stratum enabled fork of Ethminer called qtminer that will be supported on their mining pool, but may get adopted by other pools. The current getwork implementation by Ethereum is not very practical and effective as compared to the Stratum implementation that is currently the standard for communication between pools and miners.

To download an test the new official Ethereum GUI Wallet 0.3.2 (Beta 2)…

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5 Responses to Official Ethereum GUI Wallet 0.3.2 (Beta 2) Now Available


October 15th, 2015 at 13:41

This is why the price is tanking. Why didn’t this come out day one? How is a GUI wallet a huge breakthrough?


October 15th, 2015 at 13:55

The problem for Ethereum is that it is “from programmers for programmers” since launch and the concept of the Ether was originally to be used to support the Dapp transactions and not to be considered as a standalone crypto currency similar to Bitcoin. What we got as a result was a very small user base due to everything being console based and hard to be used by normal people, but at the same time we have huge number of coins already available. Miners mining new coins and dumping them for profit and a lot of people with way too much Ether coins from the crowdsale wondering what to do with them and why not sell them for profit…


October 16th, 2015 at 01:19

It’s been said in every way shape and form in all Ethereum media and forums: the first launch (Frontier) was made for developers. Too many people don’t read and just complain about not having a pretty GUI to use. All of that aside, this project is quite massive, and I believe it was very smart of them to plan releases the way they did. The execution could have been done better, but in the end, the common crypto user just expected it to be like every other Alt and have all the usability baked right in, instead of reading and understanding the roadmap.

As Admin said, this is not the sole reason the price is “tanking”, if that’s the word to be used.


October 16th, 2015 at 21:20

It’s one thing to launch it for devs only but allowing people to mine it is completely different. When the distribution begins it’s expected that the coin is “ready” and have all the basic features like a decent wallet.
They did a terrible job at that which will always be a handicap for Eth.


October 18th, 2015 at 02:52

This is NOT a GUI a wallet.
It is merely a GUI to already existing wallet.

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