HalleyBTC, a New Service Offering Bitcoin Savings Investment

2 Nov


A new service called HalleyBTC was just recently launched that offers high ROI for its Bitcoin savings investment options. The service is apparently operated and backed by one of the large Chinese Bitcoin mining farm operators – Halley China (though it seems that it could be ZeusMiner/ZeusHash instead through some partnership with Halley China), so that is apparently where the interest for your investment is coming from. While Halley China is not open to international investors (their website is only available in Chinese), it seems that the new HalleyBTC service is targeting a broader English speaking audience. They have definitely launched the new service right on time as with the recent jump in the price of Bitcoin there is a lot of increase in user’s interest in different ways to invest in Bitcoin.

The service offers three types of investment options, the first one is called Current Deposit and it gives you 0.02% daily interest with no fixed period. The other two higher return options are for 30-Day Fixed Deposit with 15% expected APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and 90-Day Fixed Deposit with 17% expected APY. The higher interest rate is ensured by the fact that your investment is being locked for a specific term, so apparently the Bitcoin you invest on the long term can in turn be used for investment in the existing Bitcoin mining farms of the company to increase the mined coins for example.


For their launch HalleyBTC is running a special promotion giving each new user the chance to get 1 to 10 Bitcoins as a bonus deposit to start your investment. All you have to do is register a new account and click on the Get Bonus button on the main page. Do note that what you get as a bonus investment in BTC cannot be withdrawn and will be in your account for 10 days only, what you get to keep is the interest rate you accumulate on the amount for these 10 days. The idea is to get to try and see how the service works without having to invest any of your own Bitcoins up front, do note however that this promotion is only valid up to November 8th November 15th, so do take advantage of the offer before actually sending any of your own coins!

For more information and to try out the new HalleyBTC Bitcoin investment service…

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5 Responses to HalleyBTC, a New Service Offering Bitcoin Savings Investment


November 2nd, 2015 at 14:53

Oh, gee, this doesn’t seem risky at all. How many scams have I see here? Let’s see, GAW, Zeus and Hashie come to mind to start.


November 2nd, 2015 at 15:40

There is always risk in everything Bitcoin related, it is up to you to decide to go for it or not. Usually the higher the promised return rate the higher the risk is and that goes not only for crypto currencies. Sometimes the risk is worth it, sometimes things start good and then turn bad, sometimes everything ends up being a scam from the start.


November 2nd, 2015 at 22:53

They do got real hardware but the APY is really high compared to Bitmain and haobtc.


November 8th, 2015 at 22:09

Found about this site from your blog, I got 8.5BTC and was able to withdraw the profit.
Payment proof on my blog:


January 16th, 2018 at 10:27

It’s a big SCAM, first time (one year ago) I could withdraw something, since few day I tried again and not working, still pending since a week.

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