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Somebody is Trying to Trademark Litecoin in Europe

9 Nov


It seems that someone is attempting to trademark the word “Litecoin” in Europe and the Litecoin Association is looking for help from users in order to object to the ‘bad’ trademark application. Interestingly enough the trademark application has absolutely nothing to do with crypto currencies and is not related to the Litecoin (LTC) crypto currency. There is a dedicated website accepting donations in Bitcoin and Litecoin (unfortunately not providing a lot of details and not very professionally made) as well as an IndieGoGo campaign. The goal is to collect the required €350 which is the fee for filing an opposition with OHIM – the organization responsible for handling trademark issues in the European Union. Any additional funds over the required fee that are collected will be used to trademark Litecoin on behalf of Mr Charlie Lee and if granted, open up the trademark for everyone worldwide to use.

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2 Responses to Somebody is Trying to Trademark Litecoin in Europe


November 20th, 2015 at 14:15

any news? The IndeeGoGo campaign has been closed without enough funding and today is the last day to object…

Patrick Kothbauer

November 26th, 2015 at 12:23

Hi Aktarus!

Patrick from the Swedish Chamber of Digital Currency Commerce here.

Sorry for the late reply – we’ve been working hard with getting the opposition application written and submitted
in time – I think everyone involved needed a few days to recharge/care for other matters.

The opposition was submitted to OHIM (Filing number: 002609702) on the 20th November
It’s now being processed by OHIM and we simply have to wait and see what their ruling in
this matter will be.

The opposition fee of €350 has also been payed.

From what I’ve heard the Litecoin Association is planning to write a short report/account on what has been done
to defend against this attack.

You can also read a short update on the Indiegogo-page. In short, the funds raised on the Indiegogo page will be
donated to ‘warchest’ that the Litecoin Association have raised to defend against this attack.

Hope this was helpful and thank you so much for your support and interest
/Patrick Kothbauer

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