EtherFaucet, a New Working Ethereum Ether Coin Faucet

22 Dec


There are a lot of Bitcoin faucets, Litecoin faucets, Dash faucets and faucets for a lot of other alternative crypto currencies that give away small amounts of free crypto currency to users, however when we talk about Ethereum there aren’t any or almost any to be precise. So here comes EtherFaucet, a new free Ethereum faucet that gives away users free Ether coins and all you need to have is a wallet address where the coins will be sent to. Of course like any other faucet this Ethereum Faucet gives away only a fraction of an ETH coin and you need to make multiple requests (once every 10 minutes) until you collect at least 0.1 ETH and then you can actually cash out the collected coins to your wallet. The catch is that you need to spend some time on the website to collect the minimum amount before it is sent to your wallet, but that is the idea of all faucets as they are supported by banner advertisements. So making users spend more time looking and most of all clicking banner ads is what they want to do in order to actually be profitable for the site operator and in order to continue operating and giving away free Ether coins to users.

If you want to try out the EtherFaucet and get some free Ether coins from it…
You can also try the new Ethereum Faucet and get some free Ether coins from it as well…

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