Ethereum (ETH) Reaching New Heights, Forks Spiking Too

12 Feb


The last few days we have seen yet another serious spike in the price of Ethereum’s Ether (ETH) coins reaching a new all time high at almost $6.5 USD per coin and showing growing interest from users including miners. Things have gone almost crazy around Ethereum in the last few days and we have even started seeking some of this interest moving onto the Ethereum forks as well, so if you have not been following these, then you might want to check them out. There seem to be three different forks active at the moment – Expanse, Shift and Soil with the first fork released being Shift, though at the moment Expanse seems the most promising alternative.

Ethereum (ETH) forks:
Expanse (EXP)
Shift (SHF)
Soil (SOIL)

You can mine these Ethereum forked altcoins the same way you can mine Ethereum using ethminer, they use the same Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm as the original they have been forked from. We have published many guides on how to get started with Ethereum using the console and GUI wallets as well as how to mine using ethminer and these guides are applicable to the different forks as well in most part, so if you need some help you can check them out.

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