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MonetaryUnit (MUE) Quark-based alternative cryptocoin

11 Oct


MonetaryUnit (MUE), a cryptocurrency with true libertarian and egalitarian values. An attempt to make accessible to all not just the developed world. Designed to stop the hardware arms race and a cease fire on market price manipulation. Environmentally responsible as does not rely on powerful computing. Truly decentralized as no big incentive for mining farms or mining pools as mining reward limited. Mu, from the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for water. Mu, from the Japanese term to not have or be without. MUE, metamorphosis of conventional and digital currencies. MUE, a MonetaryUnit for all, me, you, everybody. Financial freedom for all, as life giving as water. Accessible to all, so no one will be without.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • Quark Algorithm
  • 40 second block times, 10-block difficulty retargeting, Virtually unlimited coin supply (1 quadrillion cap)
  • Increasing block rewards from 0.025 MUEnits to 40 MUE per block at 40,000 Block (~18.5 day intervals)
  • Transactional Messaging in Wallet for simple blockchain based messaging


Source Code:
at GitHub

– RPC Port: 29947
– P2P Port: 29948

Mining Pools:

Coin Exchanges:

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January 11th, 2018 at 19:30

Robert LeBlanc

June 26th, 2018 at 18:05


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