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Positron (TRON) SHA256-based alternative cryptocoin

20 Apr


Positron (TRON) is a project inspired by the model of venture capitalism in an attempt to catalyze crypto-currency development by providing both financial and technical assistance to worthy candidates. Our team of developers, investors, and miners will provide all the necessary tools to help develop nascent ideas into massive successful projects. Profits made by accelerating the development of a cryptocurrency will be used to fund further TRON development. Our first project is a pioneering closed source and powerful anonymous transaction system that will eventually be made open source.


Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • SHA256 Algorithm PoW + DPoS
  • Proof of work over, Staking wiht 9% APR (to be lowered)
  • Block time: 90 seconds or 1.5 minutes
  • Block Target – 90 Seconds
  • Min Stake Age – 6 Hours
  • Max Stake Age – 24 Hours
  • 120 Blocks for Maturity
  • No Premine/IPO/Instamine


Source Code:
at GitHub

Mining Pools:

Coin Exchanges:

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