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Cerium (XCE) SHA256-based alternative cryptocoin

8 Jun


Cerium (XCE) is a chemical element with symbol Ce and atomic number 58. Like the rare earth element it is named after, the Cerium (XCE) crypto currency is small in supply and aims to be a something the world depends on. Cerium hopes to introduce an efficient payment method which will eventually be adopted by the masses.

Bitcointalk Announcement

Block Explorer:

Coin Specifications

  • SHA256 Algorithm PoW + PoS
  • Total supply: 2,307,925 XCE
  • PoW: Now ended, PoS: 5% current annual rate
  • Blocktime: 90 seconds
  • Block Confirmation: 90
  • Stake minimum age: 4 hours
  • Transaction confirmation time: 6 blocks or ~9 minutes
  • Block maturity time: 100 blocks or ~2 hours
  • Kimoto Gravity Well for difficulty readjustment


Source Code:
at GitHub

Mining Pools:
No mining pools available as PoW ended, PoS phase is active now.

Coin Exchanges:

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