NiceHash Has Added Ethereum and Blake256 Support

22 Feb


NiceHash – the popular service for renting or selling your hashrate for various mining algorithms with direct payment in Bitcoin has added support for Ethereum’s Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm (Ethash) as well as for Blake256r8, Blake256r14 and modified Blake256r8vnl (used by Vanillacoin) algorithms. Do note however that the Blake256 14-rounds used by Decred (DCR) is not yet supported, so be careful when setting up your miners for the Blake256 algorithms, regardless if you need buying or selling your hashrate on the platform. The usage for Ethereum (ETH) mining is pretty much the same like what you would go for with a normal ETH mining pool that does not have stratum support implemented.

For more details on the newly added algorithms you can visit the NiceHash platform…

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