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Check Out the YoBit Altcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

28 Feb


There are quite a lot of large crypto currency exchanges that are focused on the mail crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DOGE and a few more. When talking about altcoins however there are not that much options available that have a large number of coins available for trading, especially when talking about more recent coin launches. The first two large ones that come in mind are of course Bittrex and Poloniex, but getting an altcoin listed there and keeping it long term may not be that easy. So here comes YoBit, one of the biggest altcoin exchanges at the moment that currently has 467 active trading pairs and and some daily trading volume on at least half of them.

It is not just an crypto currency exchange however, as on YoBit you also have a built-in Dice game that seems to support all currencies in the exchange, free coin giveaways for many coins with the ability to claim free coins as well as to donate coins for the giveaways, there is even a coin info database to help you easily find more information for an altcoin you might not be familiar with. The exchange is also running coin ICOs as well as has free and paid listing options available for including new coins, something that can be useful for new coin developers that want to get their new project up and running on an exchange.

For more information and check out the YoBit altcoin cryptocurrency exchange…

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