Another Java-based Decred Wallet GUI is Now Available

6 Mar


While the work on an official Decred GUI wallet is still going on we are getting interesting new unofficial alternatives popping up, after the release of the DecredJWallet now we have another Java=based GUI wallet for Decred (DCR) available. The new GUI wallet (source) looks quite nice in terms of interface and offers a bit of extra functionality as compared to DecredJWallet, but do note that both are still in beta and there could still be some bugs needing to be fixed. Still, the GUI wallets for Decred are making things much easier especially for novice users that are not very fond of using console commands. We know all too well that in order for a crypto currency to be successful it needs to be widespread and easy to be used by as many users and relying only on console clients is certainly not the best thing. But then again it also takes some time for things to be developed, especially when you are not just cloning an existing codebase, but are developing something new as is the case with Decred (DCR).

To download and try the latest release of the new Java-based Decred GUI wallet…

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