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X11 Mining Profitability Skyrocketing on NiceHash

20 Mar


Some very good news for the very few owners of the first batch of iBeLink DM384M X11 ASIC miners, but also for GPU miners as well – X11 mining profitability on NiceHash has skyrocketed in the last hours and is still keeping high. Selling X11 hashrate on NiceHash has been the most profitable long term choice since the beginning of this month and the preferred choice for the 50 lucky owners of the first batch of iBeLink X11 ASICs. Today however we are seeing the X11 profitability more than doubling compared to what it was just a few days ago.

Now, some people are considering that X11 is already a lost cause for GPU mining, but it is too early for that as there are still very few X11 ASIC miners available and with high profitability increase like the one at the moment you should take advantage even with GPUs, let alone to miss the opportunity if you have an ASIC miner in your hands. The next batch of iBeLink X11 ASICs is expected around mid-May and even then the number of available units will most likely be small as compared to what we have seen with LTC ASIC miners fooling the market when they first appeared. So if you are not mining Ethereum or Decred with your GPUs you might want to check the profitability for X11 for your GPU mining rigs, and even if you are mining ETH or DCR you might still check if this X11 peak will not be more profitable on the short run.

If you want to check your current X11 GPU/ASIC mining profitability on What to Mine…

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2 Responses to X11 Mining Profitability Skyrocketing on NiceHash


March 20th, 2016 at 20:47

X11 is dead now with these asics, not that it was on anything but life support before.


March 21st, 2016 at 10:14

@Thorshammer I guess you mean home mining?
Dash will not die because of X11 ASICs.
Bitcoin dint die because of ASICs

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