GenTarkin’s Custom KNC Titan Firmware v1.0.4 Now Available

6 Apr


GenTarkin’s custom modified KNC Titan Scrypt ASIC firmware has been updated to version 1.0.4 with the update focusing on fixing issues that may cause the Energy Saver function to get stuck and never finish optimizing the power usage of the mining cubes attached to the controller. The modified firmware provides users with better and more functional interface and more importantly a more safer to use and better performing miner. This very useful extra functionality provided by GenTarkin’s Custom KNC Titan Firmware comes at a price, you need to purchase a full license for the modified firmware that is currently sold at $75 USD for the controller and if you have an additional devices you can purchase extra licenses for $35 USD each for each controller (key for activation only), not for each cube.


We have been using the previous release 1.0.2 for some time already and are really happy with it, though when we wanted to test the Energy Saver feature we apparently got trapped in a loop taking days and the optimization process not finishing. So hopefully we would be able to finish our testing of the automated functionality intended for reducing the power consumption of KNC Titan miners with the new 1.0.4 version of GenTarkin’s Custom KNC Titan Firmware. So stay tuned for our report on our experience and results using the extra Energy Saver feature with the new release in a couple of days. Other than the issue with the Energy Saver feature looping for days without finishing the process we are very pleased with the modified firmware as compared to the latest official firmware for the Titan miners. So we would advice all KNC Titan ASIC owners still using the official firmware to check out the latest GenTarkin’s Custom KNC Titan Firmware.

Visit the official website for GenTarkin’s Custom KNC Titan Firmware for more info…

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2 Responses to GenTarkin’s Custom KNC Titan Firmware v1.0.4 Now Available


April 9th, 2016 at 15:19

Nice post! It would be nice to see a profit comparison in terms of hashing, power saving, stability, between stock 2.0 firmware and gentarkin’s in a fully healthy gen 1 titan set, to know how long does it take to ROI the $75 with the new antminer units in horizon already


April 9th, 2016 at 21:03

It is not about ROI, it is about getting optimal performance and extending the live of your Titan miners, essentially saving potential problems. If you are mining LTC it should take a couple of days to mine what you have paid for the custom firmware… with some altcoin in the right time it could be faster.

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