Windows Binaries for the cpuminer-opt 3.3.5 CPU Miner

5 Jun


The cpuminer-opt is an optimized CPU miner (source) forked from cpuminer-multi, but with added optimizations for many algorithms for use with the more recent CPUs supporting the AES-NI instruction set, though the miner also works on older SSE2 capable CPUs with lower performance. Up until recently the cpuminer-opt was available only for Linux users, but starting from version 3.3 there is also Windows support and we have compiled 64-bit binaries of the miner for Windows for the latest released version 3.3.5. Joblo, the person behind the project, has been quite active with the development lately fixing some issues with AES-NI support and we have been compiling all the new updates, so we have decided to post the latest one for everyone that is mining HODL, ESP, XRE or another recent altcoin with a new algorithm.

In the archive below you can find multiple executable files that are compiled for different CPU architectures that support AES-NI instructions, so you are welcome to try them and if your processor does not have support AES-NI, then you might want to use the cpuminer-sse2.exe binary. The default cpuminer.exe is compiled for Intel Westmere, the first Intel architecture that has support for the AES-NI instruction set and cpuminer-amd.exe is bdver1 which should work on all AMD processors with AES-NI support. If you have a more recent Intel Sandybridge, Ivybridge, Haswell or Broadwell-based processor you can try the respective binary to see if that will squeeze some extra performance, or you can compile directly on your PC with the native instruction set supported by your CPU.

To download and try the cpuminer-opt 3.3.5 CPU miner 64-bit Windows binaries…

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