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More About the Scryptcc Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

15 Feb


After our initial excitement about the scryptcc cloud mining service where you can purchase scrypt KHS that will immediately start mining for you we can now share some more of our experience with the service. We have been using it already for almost half a day and it seems to be working very well so far, we’ve made a second BTC deposit and as soon as we got the third confirmation the Bitcoins were available for trading and purchasing KHS on the exchange. So we have increased our hashrate to 232 KHS for testing the service. Our initial 68 KHS were purchased with an exchange rate for 1 KHS of 0.00144390 BTC, but at the moment there is a slight decrease and you can purchase 1 KHS scrypt cloud mining hashrate for 0.00144360 BTC.


The income mining calculator over at scryptcc says that the return of investment will be something in between 90 and 180 days, the profitability of the mined altcoins probably changes often and that affects the earnings in each 10 minute session and thus the Break Even time is affected as well. However that will be true if you only purchase hashrate for mining on the long run, if you also start trading the hasrate on the exchange once there are more trades happening there as currently people are mostly buying as the service is new and there is big availability of KHS for sale. The chances are however the exchange rate will start to increase due to increase in the user interest and the price will probably start to grow. This gives you the chance to not only mine for profit, but also trade for some extra profit thus decreasing the ROI time.


So far our profit from mining with the purchased Scrypt cloud mining hashrate is about 0.00072291 BTC for about half a day, though we started with just 68 KHS and then increased our hasrate to 232 KHS at a later time. The mined profit comes in steadily and is available to you every 10 minutes, so you can trade what you have mined for more KHS or withdraw it if you wish, though for now we are reinvesting the mined BTC into more hashrate. We are still very positive about this Scrypt cloud mining service as it really has a lot of potential, so you should give it a try if you are interested. One thing that we are missing at the moment however is the ability to deposit LTC and trade for KHS (as an extra to the available BTC support) with them and also to choose if you want to get your mined earnings in LTC or BTC, after all we are talking about Scrypt mining here, so LTC support is a must have feature and hopefully we are going to see it added soon.

For more information and to try out the scryptcc cloud mining service yourself…

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