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Marlin is a New Stratum OpenCL GPU Miner for SiaCoin (SC)

23 Aug


The Siamining mining pool for SiaCoin (SC) that we have already covered a couple of times has something new and interesting for the people mining SIA. They have released a new Stratum-only OpenCL GPU miner for their mining pool that is designed to be fast, lightweight and easy to use. Do note the miner is supporting only SiaMining’s Stratum protocol implementation as there are a few different Stratum approaches, so the miner will not work with other pools unless they have implemented the same Stratum support. We have tried the Marlin miner and it seems to work pretty well, delivering what the devs promise indeed.

What we don’t like about it however is that there is no source code published on their GitHub and only a 32-bit Windows binary and 64-bit are available for users to download. Since there is no source you cannot compile the miner yourself and that may be a limiting factor for some users. Do note that even though the miner is OpenCL one you can also use it on Nvidia GPUs as well as on AMD, unfortunately tpruvot’s ccMiner fork does not yet support the Stratum protocol used by SiaMining. So if you are Ok with downloading binary releases, you can do so and try the Marlin miner yourself… that is if you are mining SiaCoin on the SiaMining pool or are planning to check it out.

For more information and to download and try the Marlin SiaCoin (SC) miner…

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3 Responses to Marlin is a New Stratum OpenCL GPU Miner for SiaCoin (SC)

Gilmar de Amorim Da Luz

August 26th, 2016 at 22:18

How to configure this miner to suprnova?


August 26th, 2016 at 22:34

You can’t, it uses different Stratum implementation than what Suprnova uses.


September 6th, 2016 at 03:56

sorry, am a bit of a noob here. How do i transfer my siacoin to the exchange?

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