Zcash (ZEC) Cloud Mining Hashrate Upgrade from Genesis Mining

13 Oct


A few days ago we’ve talked about the upcoming launch of Zcash (ZEC) and part of the post was about the cloud mining pre-offer from Genesis Mining. We have some good news about that offer that has since been upgraded in terms of hashrate, essentially tripping the initial offering for all existing customers that purchased Zcash cloud mining hashrate as well as for future purchases. The upgrade is from 0.1 H/s to 0.3 H/s for the Starter plan, from 1 H/s to 3 H/s for the Advanced plan and from 10 H/s to 30 H/s with the prices remaining the same. Definitely a good news for everyone that pre-ordered hashrate and for new users that might do so with the launch of Zcash mining approaching.

Also don’t forget that you can also use our special discount code during checkout to get 3% off the regular prices for Zcash mining hashrate, just enter CryptoMiningBlog5 as promo code during checkout to take advantage of the lower price. Don’t forget that although there is already a lot of interest in this new altcoin and the project looks really promising there is no guarantee of success, so be wise with investments. Also miners for Zcash should be available by the time of the official launch, even a GPU one hopefully, so you should most likely be able to mine ZEC with your mining rigs as well (if you do have any).

For more information about the Zcash cloud mining pre-order from Genesis Mining…

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1 Response to Zcash (ZEC) Cloud Mining Hashrate Upgrade from Genesis Mining


October 18th, 2016 at 01:12

looks like they did it again! My contract was updated from 3 to 6 h/s :D

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