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More Testing of the Scryptcc Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

16 Feb


After day and a half of use of the recently launched scryptcc cloud mining service we can continue sharing our experience from the service. The Income Calculator is showing shorter time for break in now, meaning that the profitability of the coins mined has increased and now we are getting more like 100-120 day than up to 180 days for return of investment (without reinvesting the earned coins) though this value still varies a lot constantly. We’ve started getting 68 KHS at first just to test the deposit of BTC, then have increased the purchased hashrate to 232 KHS and since then we’ve been reinvesting all of the mined coins back into KHS and we are already at 234 KHS, so two more purchased with the mined coins… not bad at all for now. We are reinvesting only the mined coins, because we are still going to be testing the service for a while more before depositing more coins in it to purchase more KHS.


Currently the exchange at scryptcc has little over 73150 KHS (73 MHS) of hashrate for purchase at a price of 0.00144444 BTC per KHS. This is the hashrate being sold by the service from the available mining power (a second batch of 100000 KHS) that is on the market at the standard price. As soon as it gets sold the trades will go between users who have purchased some of this hashrate, so we can expect that there will be an increase in the price per KHS. With that said it is also going to be a good idea to purchase KHS now and then sell them at profit if you are not interested in mining on the long run. And while you wait for the price to get higher, something that can take a few days, you can still make some extra mining profit, so it seems as a win-win situation.

We have also already contacted the scryptcc support with a few minor issues that we’ve had. We’ve already explained that the service is still very new and in Beta and although things are running quite smoothly, there are still some small things to polish left, but again nothing serious. The support is already looking into these and hopefully they will fix them soon, so should you decide to try the service do report some problems you find and send in your suggestions to the Support – this will help everyone else using the service, not only you. We are going to share more of our experience using the service in the following days, but we would recommend you to try it out yourself as well by getting a few KHS as a test if you are interested in it now.

Our initial thoughts and experience from using the scrypt cloud mining service…
More from our experience in using the scryptcc scrypt cloud mining service…

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