Open Frame GPU Mining Rig Made with Copper Tubes

25 Jan

Nowadays people are making multi-GPU mining rigs for mining crypto currencies from a lot of different materials – plastic, wood, aluminum frames and whatever they have handy. Peter Selmeczy however did go for an interesting approach with his GPU mining rig build – he went on using copper tubes to build his mining rig. Furthermore he has provided a detailed build of his project, so if you think that the idea is cool, you might want to take a look on how he built his rig. The 4 GPU mining rig he built was entirely made from copper tubes and aluminum joints for the tubes. It all goes together with 8 large 140mm Noctua fans for better airflow and the color of these fans does go along very well with the copper tubes, so the whole thing does indeed look really cool.

Peter Selmeczy has started working on the second improved version of his built that will have all of the GPUs cooled using the Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid III water cooling system, 100% of the wiring passed through the copper tubes, the use of cable combs for the wires and have a significantly reduced size for the whole thing. So you might want to keep an eye out on the progress and how will version 2 of the open frame copper tube mining rig look like when it is finished.

For more details about twe open grame GPU mining rig from copper tubes…

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1 Response to Open Frame GPU Mining Rig Made with Copper Tubes


January 26th, 2017 at 05:21

Yeah, I put all of my cards in gutted rosewill 4U server cases with 3x 150cfm fans blowing across them, takes about 25 minutes to build and keeps everything around 50C. My rigs are nothing to look at except now they occupy 1-1/2 cabs, my only attractive rig is my greymatter case, which was the basis for my crude facsimiles. Just completed my first year mining!

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