Minebox NAS Pre-orders and Now On, Limited Units Available

3 Mar

Minebox has started taking pre-orders for their Minebox NAS device that will also run SIACoin (SC) and take advantage of the free space you have available on the network storage device to get you coins. This way you not only get a device for securely storing your data, but also one that may pay for itself over time by generating crypto coins for you. The initial pre-order run is for just 200 units, so you might want to hurry up and reserve your early device now.

The price for the pre-order is set at 750€ (EURO) for the 8TB version and the 16TB version is priced at 1470€ (EURO) and you can pay wit either crypto coins or by credit card. Do note that these are discounted pre-order price as the regular price will apparently be higher and as a bonus you also get 50.000 Siacoin for each purchased Minebox during the pre-order. Deliveries of the first devices are supposed to start not before June 2017, so there is some time before you will be able to get a Minebox NAS in your hands and start using the device.

For more details about the Minebox NAS pre-order and to get a unit reserved…

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3 Responses to Minebox NAS Pre-orders and Now On, Limited Units Available


March 4th, 2017 at 13:43


last year i built an NAS based on HP ProLiant MicroServer G8 Intel G1610T with 4GB RAM (same used for MineBox 8TB) and it was much cheaper:

– HP ProLiant MicroServer G8 Intel G1610T/4GB = 199 €
– 4 x WD NAS Red 4TB SATA3 = 4x 149 € = 596 €
– OS.. Lubuntu..FREE

Total = 795 € (748$) for a 16TB server with same specs than Mineboxes. MAybe +30-40€ for another 4GB RAM..

Install SIA or Storj or BURST or etc… for FREE.




March 4th, 2017 at 18:48

Way overpriced


March 8th, 2017 at 20:30

They lost me at the price point. There is no way anyone will ever make money off buying one of these. Barely anyone is buying/using SIA based storage. Oh well, it was cool thought I suppose.

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