Genesis Mining Offering Ethereum Cloud Mining Again

11 Mar

The cloud mining provider Geneis Mining has started offering Ethereum cloud mining contracts again after they were not available for a couple of months with the focus more on ZCash cloud mining with GPUs. The new mining contracts are available at a lower price and with an extended 2 Years period with no additional mining fees (everything is included in the price you pay for the hashrate). There is of course a clause in the contract saying that in case Ethereum switches to Proof of Stake (POS) before the contract period ends your hashrate will not disappear, but will instead be switched to the most profitable algorithm to mine at that point of time. Initially we expected to see Ethereum (ETH) switch to POS at some point this year, but this will most likely be delayed and no official date for the switch has been announced yet… and the interest and price of Ethereum has been going up lately once more.

You can currently get 1 MHS Ethereum cloud mining hashrate for $29.99 USD, 30 MHS for $869 USD of 100 MHS for $2799 USD as a preset packages or any custom hashrate in between with discounts for the more you purchase. The Ethereum cloud mining contracts are with a duration of 2 years and there is no maintenance fee, everything is included in the price you pay for the hashrate. You can also use our special discount code CryptoMiningBlog5 to get some extra discount and get even better price should you decide to purchase an Ethereum cloud mining contract from the company.

For more information about the Ethereum cloud mining offers available from Genesis Mining…

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4 Responses to Genesis Mining Offering Ethereum Cloud Mining Again

Neil Bisschoff

March 14th, 2017 at 18:23

Silly question, but is that a once off price for the 2 years? Or are the prices mentioned per month?


March 14th, 2017 at 18:26

Prices are for the given hashrate for the whole 2 year period, not monthly prices.


March 16th, 2017 at 00:33

it’s so sketchy for this site to advertise this scam. after you realize that you are being ripped off, you have 90 days with your credit card/bank to report this fraud and get your money back. genesis wont be happy and so they’ll try to send you ransomware every single day. this is the type of company you’re dealing with.


March 16th, 2017 at 13:27

Agree with Ralph, this blog is a credible and informative place, so to the admin, why taint it with spam posts from Genesis Mining? If you’re taking a kickback for the ads-as-story thing, we need to know.

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