NiceHash Getting Ready to Release NiceHash Miner 2.0

3 May

The NiceHash Miner is a nice and easy solution for mining and getting paid directly in Bitcoin, especially for people that re not much into crypto mining or don’t want to get too deep into things, but still want to make some coins if they have the hardware. NiceHash has opened a signup form for people that are interested in trying out the alpha version of their upcoming version 2.0 of the miner software. Furthermore they have announced that they will randomly select one tester that reports at least one bug or a review and reward him/her with 0.25 BTC. So if you are already using the NiceHash Miner and want to help in the improvement of the upcoming new major version (and possibly get rewarded for that) you might want to sign up.

Sign up to be the first to try out the new NiceHash Miner 2.0 alpha version…

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1 Response to NiceHash Getting Ready to Release NiceHash Miner 2.0


June 2nd, 2017 at 07:47

nicehash v2.0을 사용해보았습니다. 먼저 디자인은 매우 마음에 듭니다. 하지만 가장 불편한 점은 worker name를 쉽게 확인할수가 없습니다. 수정이 필요할것 같습니다.

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