Bitcoin (BTC) Price Pushing Past the $1500 USD Mark

4 May

The last couple of days were very good not only for the many altcoins that are rising in value, but also for Bitcoin as the crypto currency has pushed past the $1500 USD price point and seems to by trying to reach new heights every day. Not that we are complaining, however there are concerns regarding this serious peak as if it is a bubble getting ready to burst. The enthusiasm regarding crypto currencies such as Ethereum, ZCash and Litecoin as well as many other altcoins is nice and all, but we are seeing some overblown in terms of proportions ICO sales and that is also a reason for some concerns. On the positive side, if this trend continues we might be able to see new highs for BTC and other coins earlier than some optimistic predictions about prices…

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June 23rd, 2017 at 16:28

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