Biostar TB250-BTC PRO Motherboard to Offer 12 PCI-E Slots

13 Jun

Biostar is apparently planning to release a new version of their TB250-BTC mining motherboard that is called Biostar TB250-BTC PRO. This is a bit confusing naming as the previous model is also from the Pro series of motherboards, so not that great idea, but anyway. The new Biostar TB250-BTC PRO motherboard will have 12 PCI-E slots or double the number of the regular mining version, so it should allow for up to 12 GPUs on a single board… in theory. Biostar has listed the TB250-BTC PRO motherboard on their website, but there is still not much information and even a photo of the actual product available…

AsRock has recently shown their own variant of a new Pro BTC crypto mining motherboard, namely the AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ Mining Motherboard with 13 PCI-E slots. It seems that the new trend is to offer higher density of GPUs on a single motherboard, that is of course if you manage to have more than 8 GPUs under Windows as with Linux things get more complicated for many users that rely on the familiar and more user friendly Windows-based tools. We are yet to see the new AsRock motherboard also becoming available on the market and checking it out to see how well it will run with 13 GPUs and what limitations will be there that will go along with the increased number of PCI-E slots and the same will most likely also apply for the new motherboard with 12 PCI-E slots from Biostar as well.

See the official product page of the Biostar TB250-BTC PRO 12x PCI-E motherboard…

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4 Responses to Biostar TB250-BTC PRO Motherboard to Offer 12 PCI-E Slots


June 13th, 2017 at 19:41

Please, publish 12/13 GPUs motherboard tests here, when you do that. Thank you!


June 19th, 2017 at 11:26

How do you go about getting more than 8 GPUs running on one system? What software is required? I’d love to know!


June 28th, 2017 at 18:45

you can run this on windows- its not a 12 gpu as much as it it a 6+6(Amd+nvidea). you can do 8+4 also on windows. windows allows up to 8 of the same card.


December 2nd, 2017 at 06:13

With the new AMD drivers 17.10.x and up you can mine with 12(13?) AMD cards.

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