AMD Radeon VEGA 56 Doing 1800 H/s XMR at 160W Power Usage

22 Sep

It seems that the new AMD Radeon VEGA GPUs are starting to show some potential for mining, giving high performance at not so high power usage. VEGA 56 seems to be doing better as far as mining goes as it is already optimized for lower power consumption and not pushed too much in terms of operating voltage to reach higher GPU frequency, and it comes cheaper to buy and these are often two of the most important thing when talking about GPUs for mining anyway. People are already pushing the Radeon VEGA 56 over 1800 H/s for Monero (XMR) mining with a power usage of just about 160W per GPU.

This is possible using the XMR-STACK miner with 2 threads along with the AMD Beta Blockchain drivers and with HBCC on. Reducing the GPU frequency with 30% and the power limit with 20% and setting HBM memory at 950. Though apparently this requires a lot of memory per card at the moment and may be a bit unstable at times and not so user friendly as you still have to rely on Wattman for the GPU settings from within the driver. It is definitely showing a good potential for the VEGA GPUs.

For more information about the optimized Radeon VEGA 56 settings for Monero (XMR) mining…

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2 Responses to AMD Radeon VEGA 56 Doing 1800 H/s XMR at 160W Power Usage


September 23rd, 2017 at 17:29

WoW! Those are my 3 Vegas on that image!

For a full guide complementing this blog, head to my small tutorial at

A lof of questions and answers are also available at my reddit post (which I used to show the hash progress test after test):

If that helped you somehow…
XMR: 41fhzSfZAmpGTszr9KXYVS7JEyGYv8rYMcSukgnDJMPkAC7wGVQDj1EaNswxftx1Fk3DbefJ4g83cec hMgEK9hGbVVyuq4C


September 25th, 2017 at 03:54

Vega 64 success too


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