Less Than a Week Until the End of the First Stage of the Cryptum ICO

9 Oct

There are less than 7 days remaining until the end of the first stage of the Cryptum ICO that is currently going on with the goal of crowdfunding the first crypto mining board game as well as a future line of board games development. At the current moment there is already enough funding for the development of the Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game and in fact that development has already started even before the end of the crowdfunding as it was expected that there will be enough funding for it anyway. With the current level of funding however the development of the other board games could see a bit of delay, as will some of the other parts of the project, though there is still some time for things to get better. Then there is the second stage of the crowdsale that will start after the first one is over and will allow for another month of token distribution for people that have missed the first stage with more altcoins being accepted aside from the Ethereum and Bitcoin available for Stage 1.

Up until this moment the Cryptum crowdfunding campaign has managed to secure over $40000 USD equivalent in Ethereum (ETH) and about $70000 USD equivalent in Bitcoin (BTC). So even though crowdfunding board games development via an ICO with crypto currencies may not be the most common thing you see when Initial Coin Offerings are considered there is still good user interest. One of the reasons for the not so big user interest is that the project does not promise to bring you stars out of the sky and the other one probably being the fact that a lot of people into crypto are actually not very familiar with the board games business and market. It is a fact that the board games business is big, with around $5 billion global market, and continues to grow with a very good rate heading to over $8 billion in the next few years according to analysts. Of course it is up to everyone to decide for himself if investing crypto into a project targeting that market is a good idea or not, but there is a huge potential in that market and we are seeing this as very good opportunity at the right moment.

As we have already mentioned a couple of times we have partnered with the Cryptum project for the development of the Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game as we really see a great opportunity especially with that board game and want to see it become a reality. With the current level of funding the project has received things are already looking great for that particular title and the development has been going on for a while already anyway. Your feedback can also help shape the look and feel of the game, so do take some time and vote for your favorite coins that you want to see in Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game.

More details about the latest development of the Cryptum board games crowdfunding project…

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5 Responses to Less Than a Week Until the End of the First Stage of the Cryptum ICO


October 9th, 2017 at 20:07

This has nothing to do with mining. Are you getting a cut?


October 9th, 2017 at 21:05

Yes it does – the project includes a crypto mining board game and our team is involved in its development as we want to see something good come out in the end.


October 10th, 2017 at 08:22

Thanks for the update. I have been reading your blog for a while.
I joined the ICO at the Tier 3 level. I am looking forward to the game! Unfortunately it looks like the mining farm target will not get reached.


October 10th, 2017 at 12:35

There is still some time and then there is the Stage II sale as well, so reaching the goal for the mining farm is still possible.

Nena Troli

October 10th, 2017 at 15:50

I also got in with a fat transfer but I think the mining project wont make it. They seem to be accepting it well and already started working more on the games which suits me anyway. Yesterday there was post in their blog about the games state with character art shown so they obviously spent some cash on it already without touching the Ico funds. And there was also a ICORating review – a contradictory one with recommendations to buy 25-100 crtm but still with risky rating and these reviews cost a fortune. Pains me that this ico is so underestimated in comparison with some obvious scams.

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