FSP Releasing a New 2000 Watt Dedicated Power Supply for Miners

23 Nov

The power supply (PSU) is one of the most important component for any crypto miner, even though it is often neglected as such by some miners, so it is no wonder that companies producing power supplies are starting to focus on the mining segment providing dedicated products. There are some companies such as Enermax, EVGA, Leadex that have very powerful power supplies that are not originally intended to be used for ASIC miners or GPU mining rigs, but often find their place as such. Fortron (FSP) however has announced their plans to release the first 2000 Watt power supply dedicated for miners and not for gamers or entusiasts – the FSP2000-A0AGPBI.

A good power supply for crypto mining needs has to offer high power output, good efficiency, reliability and most of all enough power connectors to suit every need that the miner will have for a certain application. FSP did that with the FSP2000-A0AGPBI by providing users with a good product offering 80 PLUS Platinum certification and 16x 6+2 PCI-E power connectors, so that should be enough for a lot of video cards or ASIC miners that fit into the power specs of the PSU. What might’ve been better is the peripheral connectors as they seem to be less than the ideal number you would want to have on a 2000 Watt power supply as you still need these for powering PCI-E extenders and it is never a good idea to connect more than two of these on a single line.

The FSP2000-A0AGPBI power supply is not fancy in terms of looks or offer any fancy stuff like RGB lights or whatever as you often see on some high-end gaming oriented products, it focuses on performance and features, though there is more to be desired. One would expect to see a great price that makes interesting alternative to already available similar products, but unfortunately there are talks about 450 EUR price and you might be able to get 2000W Leadex with similar specs for less. So again, there is more to be desired from FSP as they haven’t apparently taken into account all of the requirements that crypto miners might have from such a product and price also being one of the important factors that needs consideration.

Visit the official FSP2000-A0AGPBI product page for more details and specifications…

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3 Responses to FSP Releasing a New 2000 Watt Dedicated Power Supply for Miners


November 24th, 2017 at 03:40

also u need 250v or 20+ amp 115v circuits to even comes close to 2kw


November 24th, 2017 at 07:51

20A circuit should suffice, with peak of 2400W power draw (less if long wire runs resulting in extra voltage drop). You won’t want to draw 2400W of course, but you also don’t want to go above ~80% load on PSU, so after PSU efficiency, perhaps 1700-1800W would be used as to not abuse PSU. Wouldn’t want to run on a 15A circuit for sure.


November 28th, 2017 at 15:50

Here in europe you need at least 11A circuit-breaker for continous load 2000W and 230V.

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