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Be Careful with Offers for Renting Scrypt Mining Rigs

19 Feb


Nowadays you can find many offers for renting mining rigs for some period of time, but you need to be extra careful with these as you might be actually throwing money with some of them. For example the deal on the image above is for 2.9 MHS Scrypt mining rig that you can rent for $45 USD per 24 hours. What you should do after seeing such an offer is to check the hasrate you will be renting against LTC mining for a day. With the current difficulty of LTC a hashrate of 2.9 MHS in 24 hours will be able to mine 0.9098 LTC or with the current exchange this is just about $14.02 USD. This means that this deal is clearly not good at all for the moment. Sure, LTC price can get higher if you wait with the mined coins, or you can mine a bit more profitable crypto than LTC, but still the deal is not worth it at all… and still that particular mining rig is currently booked for another 10 more hours! If you consider renting mining hardware, you should be looking for offers that give you good ratio against LTC, so for example if you are going to mine 1 LTC per day and the renting price is about 1 LTC or the equivalent in USD (or less of course) the deal might be worth considering. But going for a rent price that is 3 times higher than the profit you will get now is a really stupid thing to do…

Some services offering Renting of Mining Rigs or Hashrate:
Mining Rig Rentals

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