Try the Brave Browser and Give Brave Payments a Go

15 Feb

We have been following the new Brave browser that promises to give you better and safer browsing experience by blocking ads and trackers and revolutionize the way people support their favorite websites and Youtubers. We have been following the development of the browser and the evolution of the Brave Payments for quite a while now and this blog has been a verified Brave publisher for almost a year now.

Unfortunately based on our experience it seems that Brave does need a lot of work in making their Brave Payments feature really usable and the tokens available in the hands of many people in order for them to use them. It is not that the company hasn’t been trying to do so, it just seems that there is much more work still left to do based on our own experience. For almost a year being part of the Brave movement we have received a staggering 2.07 BAT tokens as contribution form our readers, something we are thankful for, but at less than a dollar value total it is hardly something that can help us remove traditional ads for now…

The latest effort by Brave to promote their browser is targeted at content creators such as us that can promote the Brave browser to their readers and possibly get some more tokens in return if the users keep using the software. So if you have not yet tried the Brave browser you might want to give it a go and if you like it (it is free after all and works very well) you may also support us this way.

To give the Brave browser a try and to check out the Brave Payments feature…

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