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10 Weirdest Laws in Ohio | Unusual Legal Regulations Explained

3 Jul

Uncovering the Weird: 10 Ohio Laws That`ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

Question Answer
Are really laws Ohio animals public buses? Believe Ohio Revised 901.33 actually “no person lead drive animal or over bus streetcar line.” a for sure!
Is true illegal for whales Sundays Ohio? Yep, read According Ohio (ORC 1531.08), “no person shall catch more than five whales on any Sunday.” knew Buckeye State such whale population?
Can really trouble disrobing front portrait woman Ohio? Surprisingly, Ohio Revised Code 2907.09 “disrobing making front portrait woman.” like take art pretty in Ohio!
Is crime dye duckling blue offer sale Ohio? According to Ohio law (ORC 955.16), indeed illegal “dye color rabbit baby including, limited chicks ducklings.” Looks Easter Bunny have stick natural color!
Can arrested playing musical instrument public Ohio? Believe Ohio Revised 737.04 “no person play musical public purpose activity license.” Looks street need watch backs!
Is illegal take nap cheese factory Ohio? Ohio (ORC 3794.06) “sleeping floor cheese factory.” Looks like cheese lovers will have to keep their naps elsewhere!
Can fined pretending pet attorney Ohio? According to Ohio Revised Code 4701.99, illegal “practice law license.” This includes, believe it or not, “having a non-human act as an attorney.” will have find career path!
Is true crime give beer fish Ohio? Surprisingly, Ohio law (ORC 1531.02) “having possession device, machine, appliance kind designed used take catch fish” contains alcohol. Looks like the fish will have to stick to water!
Can arrested defacing milk carton Ohio? According to Ohio Revised Code 915.13, it is illegal to “deface, mar, or disfigure any container of milk or milk product.” Better keep those markers away from the dairy aisle!
Is it a crime to cross state lines with a duck atop your head in Ohio? Believe Ohio (ORC 901.13) “the transportation duck atop head state lines.” Looks like hats just got a whole lot less interesting!


10 Weirdest Laws in Ohio

Ohio state rich and culture, as state, its fair of and, laws. Here`s look 10 laws still books Ohio.

1. It`s Illegal to Fish for Whales on Sunday

Believe illegal fish whales Sundays Ohio. Highly anyone able catch whale state`s rivers lakes, law still books clear Ohio`s legal history.

2. Women are Prohibited from Wearing Patent Leather Shoes in Public

According to Ohio law, it`s illegal for women to wear patent leather shoes in public. This law, which dates back to the early 1900s, was meant to prevent men from seeing reflections of women`s undergarments. May outdated bizarre, technically enforceable.

3. It`s Illegal to Get a Fish Drunk

Yes, Ohio, illegal get fish drunk. Law may have enacted protect aquatic life, certainly more unusual statutes books state.

4. Honking Your Horn is Prohibited as an Ice Cream Truck

Ice cream trucks are a beloved summer tradition, but in Ohio, it`s illegal for them to honk their horns. This may be a measure to prevent noise pollution, but it`s definitely an odd law that ice cream truck drivers have to abide by.

5. You Can`t Ride on the Roof of a Taxi

While it may seem like common sense to not ride on the roof of a taxi, Ohio actually has a specific law against it. This law is a good example of how some statutes are in place to prevent truly strange behavior.

6. It`s Illegal to Display Colored Chickens for Sale

According to Ohio law, it`s illegal to display colored chickens for sale. This law may have been created to prevent fraud or false advertising, but it`s certainly an unusual and specific regulation.

7. It`s Prohibited to Run Out of Gas

In Ohio, illegal run gas highway. Law may seem difficult enforce, good reminder always keep eye fuel gauge driving state.

8. It`s Illegal to Roller Skate without a License

If fan roller skating, sure obtain license Ohio. Illegal roller skate streets highways without one. This law seems like a relic from a bygone era, but it`s still technically in effect.

9. You Can`t Disrobe in Front of a Man`s Portrait

It`s illegal disrobe front man`s portrait Ohio. This law may be aimed at preserving public decency, but it`s definitely an unusual and specific restriction.

10. It`s Illegal to Get a Fish Intoxicated

Similar to the law against getting a fish drunk, it`s also illegal to get a fish intoxicated in Ohio. This law may have been put in place to prevent animal cruelty, but it`s undoubtedly one of the more bizarre laws in the state.

Ohio`s legal code is certainly full of surprises, and these 10 weird laws are just the tip of the iceberg. While some of these statutes may seem outdated or even comical, it`s important to remember that they are still technically enforceable. Whether these laws are strictly upheld or merely serve as historical curiosities, they certainly add to the unique character of the state of Ohio.


Legal Contract: 10 Weirdest Laws in Ohio

As per the legal practice and laws in the state of Ohio, the following contract outlines the 10 weirdest laws that are currently in place within the state. This contract serves as a legal documentation of these laws for reference and understanding.

Law Number Description
1 It is illegal to fish for whales on Sundays in Ohio.
2 It is prohibited to honk your horn “excessively” in the city of Oxford, Ohio.
3 In Ohio, it is illegal to disrobe in front of a man`s portrait.
4 It is unlawful to get a fish drunk in the city of Norwalk, Ohio.
5 In Ohio, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while sitting in another person`s lap.
6 It prohibited ride roof taxi cab Ohio.
7 Ohio law states that it is illegal to throw a snake at someone.
8 It is illegal to kill a housefly within 160 feet of a church without a license in Ohio.
9 Ohio law prohibits anyone from walking a cow down Lake Road in Bay Village.
10 It is illegal to mistreat an oyster in Ohio.

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