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Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster is a New 65 GHS X11 ASIC Miner

25 Mar

Innosilicon has announced an upgrade to their 30 GHS A5 DashMaster X11 ASIC miner from last year in the form of a new 65 GHS X11 ASIC named Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster. The new device seems a lot like just two of the older devices joined together and the specifications also suggest something like that as well. Anyway, Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster promises 65 GHS X11 hashrate at 1500 Watts of power usage in a single device that will cost you $4200 USD or the respective value in LTC or BTC (the price does not include a power supply). The X11 ASIC market is pretty crowded already and the profitability for mining DASH especially is not very high anyway, but you could look for altcoins that might give you better results.

Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster Specifications:
– Hash Rate: 65GH/s(+/-8%)
– Power Consumption: 1500W +/-8% (at the wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25°C temperature )
– Chip Type: A5+ DashMaster ASIC
– Dimensions: Double tube, 265mm(L) x 250mm(W) x 155mm(H)
– Net Weight: 6.02KG(without PSU)
– Operating Temperature: 0°C—85°C (device junction temperature)
– Network Connection: Ethernet

For more details about the new Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster X11 ASIC miner…

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2 Responses to Innosilicon A5+ DashMaster is a New 65 GHS X11 ASIC Miner


March 25th, 2018 at 19:53

haha what a scam.. hope no one will buy their shit ;)


March 26th, 2018 at 04:21

STAY AWAY from this company!!! Their A5 miners (without the +) contained a hardware issue. They put one superfluous capacitator onto each hashboard and released a “mandatory” repair request early this year as lots of A5 miners caught fire ( release a statement: out of 250 about 75 caught fire). Still they rejected taking responsibility by offering the warranty they promised and demanded people to repair the miners by removing that capacitator via local engineers. At peoples’ own cost – seriously, what a joke! After months (!!) of discussions, by now they seem to be aware, their reputation is seriously hurt and they suddenly offered a repair. If i will ever get back my hashboards in a repaired state remains to be seen. And by the way: Until just a few months ago they charged 10000 US Dollar per miner. Total scam as they shipped a month too late, X11 difficulty rose to heavens and profitability was nearly zero. Now with the fire hazard and the warranty discussions, i couldn’t use my two A5 miners for months now. Total loss more or less. The dumbest thing I ever did was to buy these miners from Innosilicon. This company deserves to be put out of business for their extremely shady business practices.

DO NOT support such a company with your buy!

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