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Checking How Profitable is Scryptcc Cloud Mining Actually

20 Feb


The scryptcc cloud mining service is pretty much the first more serious Scrypt cloud mining service appearing on the market and it has already drawn some attention to it. While the service is still in beta, some things are left unknown for the users and there are some bugs to fix and the people behind the service are not acting very fast on these unfortunately, things look promising and the mining process seems to run stable and be reliable enough for investing in some KHS to give it a try. But the big question here is how profitable actually is to rent KHS there? According to the scryptcc Income Calculator you can expect to break even in something between 90 and 180 days and the time varies often when you check the results from the calculator. The problem with the Income Calculator is that it uses static values assuming that everything remains as it is at the current moment – KHS price, crypto profitability etc. and that may not be true over a long period of time such as half a year for example. Still you can get some sort of a general idea on what to expect.


We decided to do some calculations on our own however. According to the calculator our total investment for buying 234 KHS at the moment is going to be 0.33799896 BTC ($212.94 USD), so this is the amount fo coins we need to mine with the rented hashrate. The daily income we can expect from the 234 KHS is 0.00173981 BTC, and if we are going to be mining with 234 KHS directly litecoin we are going to earn 0.07341 LTC per day with the current Litecoin difficulty. If we convert the 0.07341 LTC to BTC at the moment we get 0.00184793 BTC, so if they are mining directly LTC they will be loosing money (they probably mine DOGE or similar more profitable than LTC alternative crypto). So by using the scryptcc cloud mining service you will be better of than having a mining rig at home mining directly LTC, because you will not have to buy the hardware, set it up, pay electricity bills and deal with the heat. It might not be as profitable as mining DOGE or another more profitable than LTC crypto, because they do subtract some percent from what you are earning as a maintenance fee, but you don’t have to do anything yourself either. So things are looking pretty good so far…

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1 Response to Checking How Profitable is Scryptcc Cloud Mining Actually


May 2nd, 2014 at 08:20

Going through a leased mining service is now the best option to obtain Bitcoin without a bank account. Some services claim to pay out more than 200%, but if they did that then why would they be leasing the power to you instead of pocketing the currency themselves?? The honest services aim for anywhere from 70% to 150% your invested amount, paid out after it’s been converted to Bitcoin and transferred to your wallet.

These services are a huge bonus for anyone that doesn’t want to deal with an Exchange or the privacy issues there – They get hacked quite often. It’s also a way for people to obtain Bitcoin or any crypto-currency that don’t have access to an Exchange for any reason.

You can pay with Paypal through most sites, although you’ll probably want to do business with one that accepts credit cards as well. The leased mining services that accept CC payments are heavily regulated and are very likely to be legit, especially if they are located in the United States. The scrypt mining services, ones mining Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. are the most profitable – They usually can pay you out in any cyrpto-currency coin, including Bitcoin.

I know that works well, as well as Scrypt Mining Services.

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