New X16r and X16S Mining Rigs Available for Rent at Mining Rig Rentals

28 Mar

The popular service for leasing and renting mining rigs for different crypto algorithms – Mining Rig Rentals has just added support for the two of the latest and trending mining algorithms – X16r used by Ravencoin (RVN) and X16S used by Pigeoncoin (PGN). There are already more than a hundred mining rigs that support the X16r mining algorithm and about a third of that number with support for the more recent X16S, so if you are looking for some extra hash power to mine RVN or PGN at the moment you might want to check out the new sections. Both new coins and the algorithms they are using are generating a lot of attention at the moment, though it might be a bit of a gamble to go full on mining for either of them it may pay out very well in the end. Remember that with this service some people are leasing their mining hashrate while others are renting the available rigs, so you might want to try either of the sides and not just only one of them to see what works best for you…

For more information about the Mining Rig Rentals service for renting X16r and X16S crypto mining rigs…

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