Purk – A New Cryptocurrency for Donations, Tips and Private Payments

29 Mar

Purk (PURK) is a new open source, mineable and autonomous cryptocurrency that is being described as a currency that can be used to monetize anything from website content, blog articles, multimedia, products and a variety of online services by allowing users to tip or donate to content owners anonymously. The developers say that Purk was created to help content owners and service providers monetize their website or application by accepting quick and easy micropayments from their users or customers. Purk is based on Boolberry and CryptoNote technology and utilizes the Wild Keccak algorithm which helps balance CPU, GPU and ASIC mining speeds, whilst providing extremely fast block verification times.

The Purk coin uses a new CPU and GPU (OpenCL) miner using Wild Keccak algorithm and compatible with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs and currently has only one official mining pool for the moment. Although it seems interesting and promising from a mining point of view as well as from user point of view, if it can deliver on the promises it makes, but unfortunately it has been plagued right from the launch yesterday. There were issues with the pool not properly reporting information to miners, but most of all connection issues that unfortunately continue and make the coin problematic to mine. You might still be interested to give it a go and keep an eye on the development of the project, we plan to do so for at least a bit more hoping that the issues will be solved.

If you are interested in mining the coin you should know that the CPU mining is significantly slower, about 1 MHS on an Intel Core i7 6850K CPU while on GPU you can get much better results. Since the miner uses OpenCL it is going to be faster on AMD GPUs, especially on 6x AMD RX VEGA 64 for example where you can get something like 65 MHS, while on 6x Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti it is just more like 40 MHS. The miner code could be further optimized in order to improve performance because the load on the GPUs is not that high and the operating temperatures while mining Purk are pretty low compared to other algorithms.

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4 Responses to Purk – A New Cryptocurrency for Donations, Tips and Private Payments

Nick Summy

March 30th, 2018 at 05:04

CCMiner will mine Wild Keccak.


March 30th, 2018 at 12:31

Connection issues were resolved and pool is mining fine for me now. Good thing is, devs were very quick to address the issues which is a good sign. Other than the disconnects there were a couple of reporting issues on the website but these also seem resolved now. I like this coin, and I think its harsh to say it was plagued with issues, a lot of launches have the odd bump at the start.


April 2nd, 2018 at 14:53

To use ccminer to mine this coin on Nvidia GPUs (any of the recent ccminer forks should work):
ccminer -a wildkeccak -o stratum+tcp://pool.purkproject.com:7777 -u [username] -p [password] -k https://pool.purkproject.com/scratchpad.bin


April 10th, 2018 at 14:43

Thanks for your article, honest publicity is always appreciated which strives us to improve. Admittedly, the original pool launch did have some problems, but the coin launch went smoothly and we have lots of interest already. Today we have relaunched the official pool and so far so good. It’s tested, stable and reports from miners so far are very good. I will ask you publicly to go ahead and test the main pool now and if you see an improvement to update your post. Cheers : D

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