Updated and Optimized Supminer ccMiner fork for X16r/X16S Mining

1 Apr

Ocminer, the admin of the Suprnova mining pools, has been pretty actively maintaining and further improving his supminer fork of ccminer (source) adding numerous performance improvements for the X16r and X16S mining algorithms. So if you are mining either Ravencoin (RVN) that uses the X16r algorithm or Pigeoncoin (PGN) that uses the X16S algorithm you might want to try the supminer or update it if you already use an older version than the latest 1.5. In the last two days there were numerous performance updates regarding various algorithms that are a part of the X16r and X16S, so supminer could as well be the fastest miner for RVN and PGN at the moment. The miner is free and open-source with a 32-bit Windows binary release also available compiled for CUDA 9.1 (require R390 or newer Nvidia video drivers).

To download and try the 32-bit Windows binary of the supminer X16r Nvidia miner…

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April 4th, 2018 at 12:53

Bonjour, On mine pour soutenir un projet et être rentable. RVN à le mérite de proposer une blockchain efficace ou les échanges sont très rapides et le minage par ASIC impossible. Voyez par vous même en lisant le topic de bitcointalk et le livre blanc de Ravencoin. De plus, une belle communauté se forme autour du projet.

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