Ravencoin Miner v2.3 for Mining Ravencoin (RVN) Using the X16r Algorithm

5 Apr

There are already a number of forks of ccminer available for Nvidia GPU miners interested in mining Ravencoin (RVN) that uses the new X16r algorithm, but they are more generic in terms of algorithm support, while the Ravencoin Miner (source)tries to focus on RVN. The idea is to make user experience while mining Ravencoin better and not only focus on performance by providing a good hashrate. The latest few updates are making the output displayed by the miner more useful for the miners and we especially like the function that estimates the RVN earned per day based on the hashrate that the miner achieves on your rig as well as the Kraww! instead of yay!.

The Ravencoin Miner is open-source fork of ccminer with support for X16r, it can be compiled on Windows and Linux. Do note that the official Windows binary release available for download does come with 1% developer fee activated by default, so you can support the developer while mining. If you want to can disable the developer fee with by adding the command line option --donate 0, so no need to recompile from source with zero dev fee. Since we like what we see with the development of this miner though we would prefer to leave the developer fee on and support the further development of the miner and you might want to do the same.

To download and try the latest Ravencoin Miner v2.3 release for Windows…

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7 Responses to Ravencoin Miner v2.3 for Mining Ravencoin (RVN) Using the X16r Algorithm

Jim Bob

April 5th, 2018 at 22:39

Is it as fast as the latest release from suprnova?


April 7th, 2018 at 04:19

I’ve tried it for a couple of hours and suprnova is faster.


April 7th, 2018 at 05:41

This trash is a copy of Brian’s Nevermore miner. The guy changed a few lines of code, added his wallet for the dev fee and calls it original. A third grader could have done this. Comon man.


April 7th, 2018 at 06:27

This is a fraud miner. It’s an exact copy of the Nevermore miner but with changes (only) to the dev donation address and the console output/screen messages. You can compare the source code on github yourself. Anytime the Nevermore miner is updated, the “developer” of Ravencoin Miner takes the entire source of Nevermore, applies his changes to the dev donation address and screen console messages, then uploads to the “updated” source code and compiled binaries to github. While this is technically allowed via the GPL license that ccminer and Nevermore are based off of, it is unethical because people who are not familiar with RVN miner development are unaware the “developer” has done nothing to improve the kernel hash algorithms or advance RVN mining technology. Please do not give this miner publicity.

Ravencoin Miner

April 8th, 2018 at 14:31

Chris and Parrot are misinformed. This miner is an open source fork of CCMiner/Nevermore. Quite a few features have been added including the very popular RVN/day line that no other miner has. Everyone is welcome to compare the source and see that Ravencoin Miner v2.4 is actually ahead of nevermore in optimizations. GPL strongly encouraged that everyone do exactly this.


April 8th, 2018 at 17:25

@Banshee seeing how the first code you edit are very simple text changes and claiming “improvement”, tells me you aren’t an advanced developer therefore you are not likely to be making any “optimizations” in kernels. Your “popular RVN/day line” is nothing more than 8 code lines of numerical averaging. What you are doing is wrong yet completely troll protected under open source laws. Until you actually alter kernels to optimize the x16r process w/ significant gains (see: sp-mod, enemyminer) then you should NOT be taking donations!!!


April 8th, 2018 at 17:27

And sorry, changing a few lines or rearranging lines in the code doesn’t count as “optimizations”. True optimizations require a full rebuild of kernels so if you aren’t doing this then you aren’t truly optimizing the algos.

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