New Silent Miner v1.1.0 for NVIDA GPUs for Mining Ravencoin (X16R)

27 Apr

Silent Miner is a new fork of ccminer for mining Ravencoin’s (RVN) X16r algorithm that tries to compete with the fastest z-enemy miner in terms of performance. Previous versions of the Silent Miner were a bit slower compared to the latest z-enemy 1.08, but the latest updates might indeed bring the performance to a very similar level. Silent Miner is a closed source miner available only for Windows for the moment and it comes with 1% developer fee built-in, so if you are not Ok with any of these there are plenty of open-source alternatives for X16r available out there that you can use.

For more information and to download the Silent Miner v1.1.0 Nvidia X16r GPU miner for Windows (x64)…

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3 Responses to New Silent Miner v1.1.0 for NVIDA GPUs for Mining Ravencoin (X16R)


May 8th, 2018 at 17:34

It would be nice to get a CCMINER version that is build using x16r and Cuda 8.0. I have a few cards that are out of date and collecting dust I just want to run them to death. So having a x16r miner for these cards would be nice. I mean they will at least pay for themselves before they die. So I anyone can help me out that would be amazing. It’s kinda embarrassing what cards they are.

GT 610 2g x2, GT 630 2g, and GTX 760 2g. If I was a programmer I would just do this myself. But the more I research bow to compile this mining software the more I get confused.


May 10th, 2018 at 00:21

same here, this version of ccminer is not working on a GT740


May 10th, 2018 at 17:22

New free fast opensource ccminer spmod-git

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