Wirex Crypto Powered Plastic Contactless Cards Already in UK

16 May

Wirex has been busy relaunching their crypto powered payment cards service and after the recent availability of virtual cards the company has also started rolling our plastic cards again starting with UK, though other countries should follow shortly. Last month Litecoin (LTC) support was added with more crypto currencies apparently to follow soon apparently. What is more interesting is one new feature that has been just announced called Cryptoback, essentially a reward scheme that gives you back 0.5% of each in-store purchase as crypto. This means that you will earn 0.5% of all in-store purchases you make using the Wirex payment card, redeemable in Bitcoin and with no monthly cap.

We cannot wait to get our new plastic debit cards from Wirex. We have been using the company’s crypto cards even before rebranding to Wirex, since they were still called E-Coin, and are really happy to see that they are getting back into the game after the WaveCrest issue from the begging of this year that has created problems for a lot of companies offering similar crypto-powered products. Do you thing that the next logical step is for crypto banks to start appearing…

Fore more information about the Wirex cryptopowered debit cards and the Cryptoback feature…

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3 Responses to Wirex Crypto Powered Plastic Contactless Cards Already in UK


May 17th, 2018 at 16:14

KYC with them been major pain in arse , no probs with ID , but proof of residence was utter nonsense (probably ok if you are in UK), their requirements made no sense at all , digitally issued bills and documents dosnt cut for them , at the same time digital photograpy of paper bill works for them … so if you dont have any paper bills that can prove your residency … good luck.

Ian Merkawitz

May 22nd, 2018 at 07:42

Proof of residence is the WORST with this. Their requirements dont make sense if you are living in Geneva.


May 23rd, 2018 at 03:10

Wow that looks pretty slick!

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